Saturday, June 5, 2010

change of blog url

hmm..i'm not sure whether do u read this. if u do, thanks for ur courage to ignore the attack notice before u enter my page. i have no idea what happened to my blog url, and defintely i do not attack people, nor i contain information that attack people. sobb...emo!

anyway, another link to my recent stories. or, my latest blog url: HERE!

see u guys there! xoxo~

Friday, May 14, 2010

fraser hill

Fraser Hill Photography trip! short to say, it was joyful! funny! and i got some prettie prettie shotsss!!!!

it was 10 days ago actually. and i was lazy to update, because editing the photos is tiring. hahaha

btw, i didn't know that it was only 1 hour and a half hour journey. all the while i thought it must be further than that! and i LOVE going up HILLS! it was windyyy!!!! me likey!


and some camwhore pictures! HOHOHOHO~

and then we pass by the Selangor dam on the way up to Fraser Hill. so, under the freaking hot sun, we stop, and took some nice landscape pictures.

Just look at the sky! don't u think it looks abit like the sky in UP? Malaysia do have beautiful sky like this!

i love the buildings up there! so Frenchie (my word) and look so romantic. i wana have my wedding here muahahahaha! in Alice's Fleur restaurant! with banyak banyak flowers.

okie la i was being a bit over excited, don't really like flowers BUT it was preetiiieee up there!

see? it was so prettie. white chairs. white table. OMG romantic gillleeerrrrr!

Alice and my white dreamy restaurant! actually she belongs here, she loves flowers!

flowers everywhereeeee!

and then, we drove down to a waterfall 4km from Fraser Hill to take some modeling shoot. and my camera running out of battery! WHYYYY????

The waterfall!

okie la, actually i don't really like this place. one, the waterfall isn't that beautiful, as compared to Chilling waterfalls. the water was polluted due to the construction. the water was muddy and yellowish. YUCKS!

two, the watervapor from the waterfall made my lens damp. somehow my pictures look blurry and dreamy due to the watervapor. urgh!

The model Alice and the ugly waterfall!

some scandalous scene happened beside the waterfall too!

Ivan, the teletubbies! and Aewan's hair was disturbing hehe.

everyone is exhausted taking photos in the waterfall. then Mr. Francis spotted one abandoned wooden house. it looked spooky...i didn't want to go in, because i felt uncomfortable inside there. particularly we didn't ask permission from err.."them". sigh, whatever la...

Alice in the Spooky house.

then my camera officially dead. no more nice shots sobbb...and u can see my photoshooting pictures here.

ladies and gentlemen, a completely random sitenote:

nothing to do with the trip. just personal preference. HAHAHAHA

ps: Im dark like Indon after my lagoon trippp!!!!!NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

iron man 2

iron man 2

macam yes hor? 

but the movie, sigh..i have one word to summarize it. CONFUSING.

i have never watched a movie like this before. staring at the screen for 2 hours, dazzled by the editing and high technology, but don't understand a single thing.

i do understand that he might die soon due to panadium ion (correct?) in his body, because it's poisonous. but err, i don't understand how would he be inspired by his father's inventions, and...discovered a new element that SOON?

i do understand that the pretty girl, which i have forgotten her name is supposed to work as some secret agent to help him or what-so-ever. but, i don't really understand the organization Avengers Initiative, and what's the whole purpose. why they wana recruit him? why they wana have a review on him? and why he has to become the consultant? (Baby told me that it's a organization for all superheroes, but hmm, and? so??...)

and the bad guy in the movie, Ivan Vanko who looks superb yeng in his iron-man-look-alike suit with 2 electric bolt, die like after they fight for...err...30 seconds? i think the scriptwriter is running out of ideas for 3 iron robots fighting against each other, so he simply put an ending to declare that iron man won the fight. yayy! happy ending!

gah! don't know how to review this stupid movie because i really don't understand it! call me noob. maybe superheroes movies are just not my cup of tea. besides, movies based on comics are purely to please the comic fans, rarely they will attract new fans through the movie.

i watched Iron Man 1 before. i love Robert Downey Jr. but he seems...blur in this movie. i used to like his performance in Iron Man 1 and Sherlock Holmes. at least he seems humane and attractive. in Iron Man 2, he had the same expression throughout the movie. i have to say, it's a waste for him.

also, i expect more fighting scene, but apparently the movie spent more time talking, dealing, partying and...sigh. i am speechless.

okie la. the weapons are surely a WOW factor, though i dono their names.


ps: the above reviews are just my personal opinions. don't take it seriously, because movies preference are very subjective.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ip Man 2

finally, Ip Man 2

i realize that the three movies are different genre! malay, US and now back to Chinese.

this film, is all about the master Ip Man. and basically the storyline doesn't really matter, the audience pay the ticket to see him fight only.

and he didn't let us down. Donnie Yen may not be a good actor, but he is definitely one of the good looking martial arts actor. he looked YENG! *drools*

i don't know how to review about this movie, because it is mostly about fighting. and actually u watch most of the best parts here. fighting was quite gan jiong, and ouch! i feel pain for them.

to review it critically, i think this movie fall into the same Chinese kungfu movie trap again. do u realize that, all these movies, they revolved around the main character fighting against the Western people/angmoh, in order to prove that the Chinese people are not weak?

and they will go on and on about the spirit of martial arts, the reasons they fight and dignity. all those craps are repeating in almost every movie. like Huo Yuan Jia in 2006 and others.

sigh, if they cut all those craps and focus more on the plot, the movie will be so much better.

not to say i am westernized or what, just that the audience who supported Mandarin or Hong Kong movies will find it repeating, and eventually we will get bored of the same storyline. the differences is only the characters and type of "kungfu" they are playing.

i kinda like Sammo Hung in the movie. it has been awhile to see him fighting in the movie. and it was really exciting to see two great martial arts actors fighting in the film. one of the selling point of the movie. the marketing strategy works. =)

haha, he's like double the size of Donnie Yen! see, we should not discriminate fat people! hmmmphh hint hint!

okie, i shall rate this 7/10.

on the other note, okie this is completely random. when all of us watched Ip Man 2 after my last paper last Thursday, Nicholas suddenly blurted:" Eh, Donnie Yen looks a bit like Abu la..."

then all of us started giggling in the cinema. after i did some research, they looked kinda alike! im serious! i swear, i didn't edited/overphotoshopped the picture okie!

don't u think they look alike? MUAHAHAHAHA...

Just that one look mature and more muscular, and the other one look emo abit, but younger!

even my mom also said they looked alike!!!

ps: but i still love u baby! =)

kick ass!

Kick Ass!

this is the most satisfactory movie watching experience that i had in 2010. an action comedy, directed by Matthew Vaughn, featuring Nicholas Cage and some other new faces in Hollywood.

The best always come to you when u least expect it.
this is what i have learnt in this movie.

the story was briefly talking about story of an ordinary teenager, Dave Lizewski, who sets out to become a real-life superhero calling himself Kick-Ass. Dave gets caught up in a bigger fight when he meets Big Daddy, a former cop who, in his quest to bring down the evil drug lord Frank D'Amico, has trained his eleven-year-old daughter to be the ruthless Hit Girl.

well, i thought it was a kiddy nonsense fighting movie, because apparently the name of the movie wasn't that appealing, and the poster...i dono what to say. as long as i really thought it must be another superhero movie again. im not a big fan of superhero movie.

yet this movie gave a huge twist in my perception! when the teacher started removing her bra (oppss) and when Hit Girl killed someone violently, i finally gain the interest in watching, because it is not a kids movie, it was totally unpredictable!

so as rotten tomatoes said:
Not for the faint of heart, Kick-Ass takes the comic adaptation genre to new levels of visual style, bloody violence, and gleeful profanity.

it has higher rate than "the losers", "clash of the titans" and "date night" too!

i think the director/scriptwriter/author of the comic has brilliant creativity. they can make a normal scene into something that will let all of us burst into laughter! my favorite was the part when Kick Ass and Red Mist was dancing to the song "Crazy" in RedMist Mobile.

they made fun of some superheroes movie too, in terms of the weapons, cars and others. 

many people (especially girls) will find the storyline lame and don understand why we like the movie. simple reason being, the movie gave us surprise all the time. sometimes lameness will pop out, and take u something to digest it. for example, they describe Kick Ass costumes as wearing a "green condom"!

it does look like a green condom hahaha wth

the eleven-years-old girl in the movie grabbed everyone's attention. it's kinda controversial for a young teen girl to act as a violent killing superhero. as far as i searched on the websites, many people was complaining that it is unethical for a girl to behave like that. but my opinion, it was just a movie dude. relax and chill! even cartoons and anime have violent blood splashing die horribly scene, u can't control a movie from having elements like that.

and she was really cool. watch this.

Kick Ass - Hit Girl

i foresee this girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) would have high potential in her Hollywood career! she is talented!

i rate this 9.5/10. yeah, because i really enjoyed this movie, and i clapped after the movie ended! see how devoted i was?

with no power, no responsilities
- Kick Ass -

Evolusi KL drift 2

Evolusi KL Drift 2.

yesh, it is a local production a.k.a Malay movie. Im not being racist, but i think everyone will assume that only Malay will watch Malay movies. but hey, if it is a nice movie, we shouldn't classify it under the racial category right?

like i said, it is an entertaining show, that made me laughed all night long in the cinema. so to say, it is definitely better than some Hollywood romance comedy.

just in case u don't know about the story, here's the synopsis i copied from a website. i didn't watch the first movie "Evolusi KL Drift", but the story is simple and kinda easy to be understood. not much of confusion.

Racing life between Zack and Sham has not ended yet. Zack, an illegal racer before, now is a professional drifter. After the accident, Sham no longer drifts because of his broken leg and has to walk with the help of crutches. Then comes a female professional drifter named Aleeya. Joe, who managed to escape from death from the accident, wants revenge on Zack. Joe's assistant Ery too wants revenge on Zack because his best friend Karl got locked up in jail because of him. Joe wants to monopolise the whole drug business syndicate in KL, where Inspector Kamal suspects him for crimes that involve deaths.

they started the movie with a catchy theme song, although i don't really like Malay songs, but that song was really catchy. and a little bit of "sing-along" song. haha, guess we got a new song in karaoke!

the things i like about the movie:
1. Sham is a good actor. i don't know how to define a good or a bad actor. but from i see, he is obviously better than Zack, the main character. oh ya btw, did i say that the main character in the movie is also the director of the film?

2. the racing scene was quite professional. racing on a street. racing in a factory near Port Klang. (haha, we recognize some familiar places in the movie!). it surprise me that the way they choreographed the racing scene are actually as good as those we watch in Hollywood films!

3. i think my BM improved a little bit. brings back some of the BM words which i have long forgotten. ex: didakwa = accused. and many more!

yet, some ridiculous/doesn't make sense part in the movie:
1. there's one character with long hair, looks like a mixture of Malay and Chinese. he is freaking weird. he speaks Malay with a typical Chinese accent. (lu jangan tipu gua). then when he speak Cantonese, he speak with a Malay accent! wth? a very random character i would say.

2. despite of their professional editing in the racing scene, when comes to lovey dovey romance scene, the director/scriptwriter was still a amateur. there was no chemistry between Zack and Aleeya though they were supposed to be a couple. they looked damn awkward together.

of course again, all those are my humble opinions. not everybody thinks the same as me. but i do appreciate the effort of the production team. i heard that in order to produce a real accident scene, they actually burnt down a couple numbers of cars!

and many people thought that local racing films must be staring Proton Wira, Saga, Waja etc. but....the impressive list of cars deployed in this film include a Nissan 350z, Nissan Skyline R34, Toyota Supra MkIV, Mazda RX7 FD3S, Nissan Silvia S13, Nissan Silvia S14 and a BMW e39 5 series!

so who says Malaysia not Boleh? who knows few years later we have Evolusi KL Drift 3 in 3D!


ps: although it was really funny, i didn't dare to laugh loudly in the cinema, plainly because i was surrounded by all Malays and if i offended them, oppppsssss....

Friday, April 30, 2010


halo! I am back! final is over!! LALALALALALALALA~

i just finished packing all my stuffs! well, i didn't have camera with me, and im lazy to take. so just visualize urself k? i got damn lotsa ka chang!

3 big full luggages of clothes

2 bags of shoes. (yesh, bags. i threw all of them into bags. actually i have many pairs of shoes, oppss)

2 big boxes of books and files

2 big big bags of food, utensils

1 big bag of BAGS.

1 luggage and few bags + boxes of miscellaneous things (shower gel, etc)

and 4 bags full of rubbish!!!!!

HAHAHAHA, i damn proud. i finish packing all these in 3 and a half hours. in between i went down 1st floor to steal paper box somemore WTH!

okie dokie. tomorrow is the day. finally the day that im moving out to a new environment! my new owner damn cute, they duplicated the keys for me, with an adorable Sunway Pyramid keychain (got lion wan hahaaha), because tomorrow when im moving in, they might have an appointment with the doctor. so cute! they trusted me even they don't really know me!!!!!

hahahahaha.  enough of nonsense. i wan eat something and go sleep. tomorrow is gonna be very busy

ps: Ip Man 2 was cool!

coming soon: Evolusi KL Drift 2, Kick Ass and Ip Man 2.